About Us

Yellow Bus ABA is a therapy group providing consultation and intervention services for individuals of all ages who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We have drawn upon the unique strengths of our highly experienced team of behavior specialists to employ scientifically validated teaching methodology, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), to bring quality care and intervention with lasting results. 


Our mission is to maximize the potential of individuals with ASD so they can experience success and lead productive lives. Yellow Bus ABA addresses a full range of domains, including communication, behavior, daily living, social skills and play skills. Therapy services are provided by our trained professionals under the supervision of Boards Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) in a variety of settings.

One unique angle to the Yellow Bus ABA methodology is the focus placed on Coordination of Care- specifically where schools are concerned. Our teams work with the teachers & therapists in each child's school to update & correlate treatments across the board - a method we've found to provide lasting results amongst children we've treated.

Yellow Bus ABA serves all five boroughs in NYC and Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Passaic, Bergen, Essex Sussex counties.


Committed To Comprehensive Lasting Improvement For Individuals On The Autism Spectrum

The Yellow Bus ABA Effect

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Coordinated Strategy


Family/Parental Training 

Social Group Therapy

Analysis & Treatment Planning

Social Skill Training

Outdoor Treatment Tactics

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We perform a comprehensive assessment to determine each child’s strengths, challenges and learning style.

Center-Based ABA

Yellow Bus ABA offers the full variety of services all under one roof. This enables the child with ASD and his or her family to receive required services in a professional environment. 

School-Based Support

We partner with the child’s school to develop effective instructional programs based on the principals of ABA. We also assist him or her in acquiring learning and social skills while in a school environment.

Home-Based ABA
Social Skills Groups 
Residential Care Support
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For some children, it works best to receive one-on-one therapy sessions in the comfort of their own home. Our staff effectively facilitates these sessions to ensure the most well-rounded programs are achieved in each individual case.  

There are advantages to working in a group setting as the children learn how to better interact with their peers. We work with the participants to address communication and social skills that empower them to develop rewarding personal relationships. 

We assist staff members working in residential homes or apartments in addressing challenging client behavior and fostering new skills, thereby enabling individuals with ASD to better integrate into the community. 



We accept most major insurances, some of which are listed below. Contact us for any questions regarding coverage or plans - we'll be happy to provide you with the clearest guidance as to your best options.