Navigating the world of behavioral therapy can be stressful and overwhelming. An overload of information with time of essence, it may seem impossible to find the right fit for your child. It is of utmost importance to identify your specific needs when choosing an ABA provider. The team at Yellow Bus put together a list of ten criteria that parents should discuss with their provider prior to beginning services.

1. What goals will you be working on?

2. What level of supervision and training is there from a BCBA?

3. Is parent training offered?

4. How many hours a week can you provide?

5. Do you accept my insurance?

6. What does an ABA session look like?

7. Do you collaborate with our school's system?

8. Will I have full access to my child's progress reports at all times?

9. Is my input part of my child's personalized goals ?

10. What level of support beside the actual training and therapy is provided?

For further information about our services please email David@yellowbusaba.com

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