According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Developments Annual Homeless Report, there are over half a million homeless people in the United States. In NYC alone there are 61,129 homeless people, including an estimated 15,000 homeless families with 23,000 homeless children who are sleeping in shelters throughout the city. Children who face homelessness tend to face both behavioral and social issues. Abraham H. Maslow, in 1943, proposed a hierarchy of needs required for development, starting with physiological need, then safety, love/belonging, esteem and lastly, self actualization. Homelessness can decrease even the basic levels of this hierarchy and create an imbalance, specifically in children. HFH (Home For the Homeless) is an organization that is dedicated to combating the effect of homelessness. Every summer they provide a multinational camp, Camp Wakonda, for children who are facing homelessness, bringing stability in their lives. Yellow Bus ABA has partnered with HFH to provide comprehensive training for the staff at HFH, both in behavioral modification and working in social skills development. Our amazing team at Yellow Bus ABA has implemented an intensive training for the volunteers. Yellow Bus ABA wishes great success to the HFH team in the outstanding and admirable work they are doing!

For more information regarding a training event please email David@yellowbusaba.com

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