ABA resolutions for parents

The new year has passed. We all remember the hopeful resolutions we committed to starting January 1. Now we just got to ensure we we follow through with our commitments . Not only is it a whole new year, we are starting a whole new decade. Keeping resolutions just got a whole lot bigger. Going to the gym, focusing on our career and self improvement are so important. For parents, there is a strong emphasis on bettering our family life. There are so many aspects we can work on. Here are a few suggestions based on ABA methodology that can really help improve any families' happiness and sense of calm for the coming year.

As parents, we constantly are working on different behavior modifications. For instance, we work with our children on using an inside voice. The tendency is, when a child raises their voice, we reprimand them. An alternative method to consider would be preventing the behavior from the onset. Encourage the positive behavior. When they are using their indoor voice, acknowledge it. Use positive reinforcement, such as a compliment or a small reward. It will go a long way. Inversely, the unwanted behavior will decrease.

Chores are considerably more beneficial than meets the eye. Responsibility, attention to task and so much more can be gotten from a consistent chore schedule. Whatever the chore would be from taking out the garbage too sweeping the kitchen, many times children do not take the task as seriously as they should. A visual schedule can be so helpful. Plan ahead make list of chores and put all your child's responsibilities on a calendar.

Practice social skills. A great way to ensure that your child will have constant flow of social skill practice is schedule play dates. It can really help improve a social play and skills.

Implementing safety procedures, especially in regards to stranger danger. We all know how important it is for our children to have a strong understanding of caution when it comes to strangers. A helpful way of implementing safety is breaking down safety in small steps (create a task analysis). Work with your child to identify the definition of stranger and differentiate who is not included in that category. Identify acceptable behaviors with strangers.

Pick your battles. Not everything we want for our children to do, is always possible. If you are to exhausted to enforce something try a more attainable goal. For instance, cleaning their bedroom, if you are too tired to go through with the full cleaning process, try something like five minutes of cleaning or throw out ten pieces of garbage. As important as a responsibility is, knowing that you will follow through with your word is equally as important. What you can accomplish by this is you are giving some responsibility to your child plus it will be possible for you to follow up on your word more often. In the long run children will listen more when they know you follow through with your word.

For an individualized plan, for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, reach out to Yellow Bus ABA today.

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