Assess. Reinforce. Repeat.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019


At Yellow Bus ABA we are committed to providing a completely personalized service for each of our patients. From the moment someone seeking help contacts YBA, they are educated on navigating the complex world of insurance and managed care plans. An appointment with one of our dedicated BCBAs is scheduled in a timely manner to begin assessment and treatment. All of our therapists are handpicked to fit a family's specific needs. Parent and sibling training is an integral part of providing quality care. Lastly, we are an in-network provider with all major insurances.

Assess, Reinforce, repeat.Targeting behaviors is a fundamental goal in ABA therapy. Behavior analysts avoid working on negative skills. Rather, they prefer working on a positive aspect of the behavior modification. A practical example is when a child is constantly disrupting a teacher in class. The behavior analyst will not attend to reducing disruptions but will concentrate on appropriate classroom conduct and how to participate in the classroom without disrupting, indirectly dealing with the issue at hand.

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