ABA Therapy Center Nassau County

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Greetings Long Island, Yellow Bus ABA Therapy Center in Nassau County is here! We are now proudly providing ABA therapy to learners and their families on – site at our Mineola location .  Our beautiful new Center is located just off Roslyn Road, 51 Charles Street, Mineola New York.    We are also offering services in home, whether you are on the north shore , south shore or in the middle of the island,  we are here to serve. 

ABA Therapy Nassau County

The Yellow Bus ABA center a Mineola provides treatment based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Our center has a strong focus on early, intensive behavioral interventions, social skills and verbal behavior for children and adolescents. Our behavior analysts and behavior therapist work one on one with our children and adolescents using the high quality Yellow Bus ABA curriculum to maximize success for each child. All of our therapies are completely individualized based on each individuals specific needs and goals. 

Our Center has Some amazing perks

  1. Full day and after school programs
  2. Social skills groups
  3. In network with most major insurance companies
  4. We accept children from 16 months-25 years old
  5. Parent training
  6. Care coordination
  7. Individualized therapy programs

For more information regarding our center please email office@yellowbusaba.com or call (516)-284-0190

For parents of children diagnosed with ASD check out the Facebook Parents Support Group

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